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How do I register and open an account?

Please register here. Fill out the details about yourself and you’re ready to go! You will be sent a welcome email after successfully registering with us.


I have forgotten my password - what should I do?

The quickest way to retrieve your password is online. Simply click on the Forgot your password? Link and enter your email address. We will send you a link to reset your password.


Do I need to open an account to place an order online?

You have an option to place an order with or without an account (checkout as guest). 


I am not in the UK, how can I order from you?

We, JadeYoga Europe, ship to almost everywhere in Europe. If you are located outside the UK, please visit www.jadeyoga.eu for European orders.

For ordering in Switzerland, please visit www.jadeyoga.ch.


I have a query regarding my order and/or account. Who should I speak to?

For all enquiries, please get in touch with our helpful Customer Care team. Please send your inquiry either over the Website or at namaste[at]jadeyoga.co.uk.



How can I become a wholesale client?

Please visit our WHOLESALE website (click here, or find it on top left of our website), fill out the registration form with your information under [Create an account], including company name.

Our team will check your registration info within 1-2 working days, and you will receive a confirmation email that your wholesale account has been approved and activated. 


What are wholesaler conditions and minimum quantity?

We are happy to give you all the information directly. Please contact us at namaste[at]jadeyoga.co.uk.


I am not in the UK, how can I order from you?

We, JadeYoga Europe, ship to almost everywhere in Europe. If you are located outside the UK, please visit b2b.jadeyoga.eu for European orders.

For ordering in Switzerland, please visit b2b.jadeyoga.ch.



What currencies can I pay in?

All prices and payments are in British pound sterling (GBP).


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal and Bank Wiring (advance payment).


I would like to pay via Bank Wiring. What’s your account information?

For all UK orders (payments in GBP only):

Account Holder: YOYOGA AG
UBS Switzerland AG, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland
IBAN: CH88 0027 8278 1228 3362 D
Clearing No.: 0278
Account No.: 0278-122833.62D



Gift Cards

How do I redeem a Gift Card?

You can redeem a Gift Card in the shopping cart (not at checkout), below the list of items in the shopping cart you’ll find an input field “Gift Cards”. Please enter your Gift Card Code there and click on [Add Gift Card]. The amount of the Gift Card will then be deducted from the total amount of your order.


Promotion Codes

How do I apply a Discount Code?

You can enter your Discount Code in the shopping cart (not at checkout), below the list of items in the shopping cart, you’ll find an input field “Apply Discount Code”. The discount will then be applied to your order after you enter the discount code and hit [Apply Discount].



Please refer to our Shipping Info Page.



Natural Rubber JadeYoga Mats

For regular mat care and cleaning, we recommend wiping your mat with a damp cloth (only with water!) on a weekly basis. If you have a vigorous practice, or if you are doing hot yoga, we recommend doing so after each use.

If you’re looking for a deeper clean, we would recommend using our plant-based Jade Mat Wash, which is specially designed for natural rubber yoga mats.

NEVER place the mat in the washing machine or a dryer, and do not expose it to direct sunlight! We generally recommend not to let the mat dry outdoors. Sun or UV light damages the natural rubber and makes the surface porous and slippery. We also recommend storing the mat rolled up and not lying open.

NEVER use alcohol, petroleum-based solvents or essential oils - with the exception of the Jade Mat Wash** - on your Jade mat. These cleaning products spoil the natural rubber causing it to break apart and dry out. Essential oils may also cause the mat to become slippery.

** Normally, we do not recommend the use of essential oils on our natural rubber mats. The Jade Mat Wash, however, is specially manufactured with a low concentration and an optimally composed formula of essential oils and even serves as an antioxidant for natural rubber. This means no damage will occur to the Jade mat rubber as it might be the case with other essential oils and other concentrations. Please only use Jade's Mat Wash to take care of your JadeYoga Mat. Mat cleaners from other manufacturers or homemade mixtures may cause damage.


Jade Organic Cotton Mysore Yoga Rugs

Machine or hand wash with cold water, wash colors separately. Hang to air dry (will shrink if put in a dryer).

*Rugs may shrink slightly when washed.


Jade Dharba Grass Yoga & Meditation Mats

Wipe the mat lightly with a damp cotton cloth. Air dry (indoors or in the shade) until it is completely dry.


Be nice to your Jade and you’ll be happy with it for a long time!



We examine each case carefully. Therefore we need the following information for the evaluation. Please send us your answers via email to namaste[at]jadeyoga.eu.

  • Mat type and color (Harmony, Travel, etc.)
  • Date and place of purchase? (please enclose receipt)
  • When did this damage/wear occur?
  • How was the mat cleaned (mat cleaner, damp cloth, soap, essential oils, other detergents)?
  • How was the mat stored (rolled up/unrolled, in a bag, in a cupboard, outside, etc.)?
  • Was the mat used outdoors or hung outside?
  • Did you take the mat with you on a trip? If so, where?
  • What type of yoga do you practice and how often?
  • Please send us pictures of the mat (1 picture of the whole mat; at least 1 close-up of the damaged part). We need them for the evaluation and quality control (no evaluation is possible without pictures!).

In general, complaints about our products can be addressed within 24 months starting from the delivery of the goods. Excluded are damages caused by natural wear and tear, improper use and cleaning.



Please refer to our Return Info Page.

* Why we do not offer a free return system

We don't have a free return system. This is a conscious decision in line with our sustainability policies and principles. On average, 20-50% of the parcels in Europe are returned, which makes hundreds of millions of parcels in a year. This leads to additional CO2 emissions due to transport and wear of additional packaging material.

Based on our very low product return rate, we strongly believe in our customers, that a mat purchase decision is made consciously and carefully.  We are also more than happy to support you in choosing the right mat.



I would like to send you something. What’s your address?

Our company address (administration only) is

Holbrigstrasse 8a
CH-8049 Zurich

Before you send anything to our warehouse, please email to namaste[at]jadeyoga.eu and announce your shipping:

Our UK Distributing Warehouse (for UK only):

c/o Cargocare Logistics Ltd.
Sprint Logistics Ltd.
Unit 1, Morley Court, Morley Way
Peterborough PE2 7BW
United Kingdom



Don't see your answer here?

Write to us at namaste(at)jadeyoga.co.uk.